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Employee Handbook Development

Oncall HR Support

An Employee Handbook serves as the road map for working at your company. Everyone on your team should have easy access to this important communication tool, which ideally includes your company’s policies and all the information that new and existing employees should know about your organization, including your mission, core values, policies and payroll practices. 

As a human resources consulting firm, HR Consulting Solutions can work with you to develop your Employee Handbook, as well as ensure its distribution and availability to everyone you employ. Then, we’ll maintain the Handbook for you, which includes regularly monitoring legal developments and coordinating revisions to ensure your Handbook always complies with often-shifting labor and employment laws. 

Creating an Employee Handbook from scratch is challenging and overwhelming; especially if it’s the first time. Establishing written content about company culture, compiling, and clearly stating policies, rules, and guidelines; drafting, reviewing, and distributing – there’s a lot to manage, and it’s important that it’s done correctly. Our team has successfully designed hundreds of handbooks and we bring best practices to you in creating a customized version for your company. You’ll have final approval, but we will do all the heavy lifting to make the ideal Employee Handbook for both you and your employees.  Already have a Handbook but need it updated?  No problem!  We’ll review your existing manual and work with you to make sure it’s updated and legally compliant with current legal requirements and best practices.